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We're Maryal and Chris Carter, the crazy-in-love and bespectacled 30-something couple behind Love + Specs. See what we did there? Specs! As in we're optically challenged and both need glasses to find our way in this world. We, like you love men's and women's fashion, home decor, DIY projects and travel, but want to be able to indulge those passions on a budget and without sacrificing style in the process. Is that so much to ask? So we work really hard to find creative, inspiring ways to maximize value and lead an affordably luxurious lifestyle that we love! If you're looking for tons of stylish inspiration in all avenues of life that doesn't force you to go into debt, come on in and don't forget to drop us a comment while you're here and introduce yourself. Thanks for being a part of our journey - we're so happy to have you here!