Wedding Guest Style: His + Hers Outfit Ideas



With wedding season in full swing, warm weather inviting the masses out into the world for interaction, and the almost unfairly romantic backdrop of fragrant blooms dripping with vivid color, love is definitely in the air right now and taking center stage in our hearts and our minds. Chris and I have spent the better part of the last year soaking in every blissful pleasure that love so graciously affords us. Every second has been sweeter, each tiny moment more memorable, every sense heightened, and every sunrise and sunset more beautiful. It's nothing short of amazing what loving someone or something can do for the good of the soul, isn't it? 

On this particular Saturday, Chris and I were so overjoyed  to be celebrating the nuptials of an amazing couple we simply adore at the gorgeous and timeless Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, and our hearts were so full of happiness that day sharing in all the love that surrounded us. There's just something so inspiring about sitting next to the person you love, watching two people commit to loving each other for the rest of their lives, telling each other that come what may, they're in it together. 

So to kickstart this week and in the spirit of this wonderful wedding season, Chris and I wanted to remind ourselves and anyone out there who wants to share in our momentary sappiness: cherish the ones you love, whether it's a significant other, mom, dad, sibling, human best friend or man's best friend like our pup Hamlet! We have no way of knowing how long our forever will be, so here's to filling each day with love.

PS - Let's hear it for Chris killin' it in that linen suit! 

Photography: Alice in Pictureland

Her: dress, shoes, clutch (sold out, similar), lipstick (in Plumberry Pop)

him: Pants, Jacket, shirt, tie, shoes, glasses