Downtown Phoenix Dining Scene : Desoto Central Market



Downtown Phoenix is really starting to take off, especially when it comes to places that set a new standard for the local and farm-to-table dining scene here in Arizona. There are some pretty superb restaurants downtown, many of which offer scratch preparation and  local food. Some have really great patios, places to play  backyard games and sip on craft beer.  Some say that something Phoenix has lacked is a central market; one great gathering place. A place to swing by after work and pick up dinner, grab some local produce and freshly baked bread before heading home for the day. We decided to try and do exactly that, and maybe challenge each other to a sunset corn hole match . We didn't find any veggies or french bread, but we did throw some bags and fill up on some life-changing treats and top notch eats!

the story

The 1928 red brick building stands tall, with an almost iconic demeanor, and has plenty of parking around the south side. Tucked alongside the corner of Central and Roosevelt, the new DeSoto Central Market is currently home to a handful of chef-driven, cutting edge restaurants, a boutique coffee house and an industrial upstairs meeting space.  Even better - we hear there are plans for more local chefs and vendors to move into the market, as well as a locally-grown, all-organic grocery area. After one amazing visit, we can't wait to go back for seconds. 

the food 

At the helm of the culinary ship is Chef Stephen Jones.  He is among other believers that this is an opportunity for both established and aspiring local chefs to serve a community dining room and collaborate in their kitchens.The space is currently featuring Jones' signature burger spot, DCM Burger. Yard Bird + The Larder is right next door, which is where Mar and I scored the spicy and mind blowing crispy cauliflower dish (featured in the gallery.) The menu is boisterous and fun - it reminds me of some of my favorite eateries in the south, with an urban, progressive flair. Outstanding hospitality from Shane really made the experience special. Tea & Toast Co. is where we finished our meal. This walk-up coffee and pastry counter crafts some of the finest postprandial delights out there. We chose the cafe ole and cinnamon scone to satisfy our dessert cravings. Next time you swing by , I suggest you do the same. Coffee + Spices + a baked-to-perfection pastry. Incredible.

The market

McClendon Organic produce has become a staple in master chef's kitchens all around the valley. The quality and freshness of the citrus, honey, greens, dates, syrups, and soaps is unparalleled in the southwest. The Desoto building will apparently soon showcase McClendon's Select products in a focal point market area, nestled right in the middle of all the action. This is a new concept for Phoenix, and will help put the freshest possible organic products in the hands of our locals. This is a recipe that should inspire us all to eat responsibly and support our local farmers.  The crew at Desoto is still planning the official opening of the produce market, and we couldn't be more  excited! 

her : top, jeans, bag (sold out from henri bendel, similar), shoes, Bracelet (Old from madewell, similar)

him: Shirt, jeans, shoes