Up North: Walloon Lake, Michigan

As you've probably guessed by now from our gushing posts about our insanely awesome trip to Northern Michigan over the 4th of July, we're pretty smitten with The Mitten and really couldn't get enough of it. For Chris, seeing it all for the first time in person and through the lens of his camera (his favorite thing) was a pretty incredible experience and for me, getting to be in one of my favorite places on Earth with Chris there to adventure and explore with was about as good as life gets. 

Today we're sharing a few pics from my family's lake house on Walloon Lake where we spent most of our time on this trip, including some snaps from the Fourth of July picnic with my family at the country club on the lake. The 4th of July picnic on the lake is a time-honored tradition in my family and something we look forward to all year (especially the fried chicken they serve)... which usually means trying our best to top each other with our over-the-top patriotic duds. Seriously... this s*&t gets real people! My middle sister and her husband weren't there this year because they were about to bring my adorable new nephew into the world, so they couldn't compete for the honor of best outfit (both of them bring the heat every year... my sis seriously gets her game face on when she puts her 4th of July outfit together), but if I had my pick, I'd have to say Chris really nailed it in his awesome Reyn Spooner shirt! So proud, Chris. So proud. 

I could go on forever about what a special place our lake house and Walloon Lake is, but luckily, Chris can do all the talking on that subject with his amazing snaps of our time there. So enjoy the pics and drop us a comment and let us know what your 4th of July traditions are and how spend the day celebrating. So here's to freedom, fresh water and family traditions!

him: Shoes - sperry, shirt - reyn spooner, pants - gap, specs - ray ban

her: shirt - jcrew, skirt - madewell, hat - jcrew, lipstick - nars (in luxembourg), Specs - Ray ban