Maryal's Favorite Fall Specs

It's fall, it's fall, it's FALL! OK now that we've properly expressed our excitement for our favorite season, we'll talk about our other love... specs! Fall is always a time of a little overhaul action in the Carter household, which applies to basically everything in our lives from the house to our wardrobes to the blog (big changes coming to le blog people... BIG changes) to, you guessed it, our glasses. We definitely have a few staple frames that we always keep in our collective arsenal and love wearing, but switching it up is always fun, especially in the fall when there are so many rich new colors and styles released by our favorite specs purveyors.

So today it's Maryal comin' at you solo, because a girlfriend of mine recently asked me for recommendations for where to buy great frames, whether she should spend more for quality frames and/or if more affordable frames are up to snuff, and what some of my favorite styles were this fall, so I thought I'd round up 10 of my current favorite frames just in case you too are ready for a change and needed some inspiration. There's a mix of high and low price points and the links to all of my picks are below!


1. SALT Optics "Murdock" / 2. Eye Buy Direct "Dutchess" / 3. Eye Buy Direct "Identity" / 4. Kam Dhillon / 5. Eye Buy Direct "Instant Crush" / 6. Steven Alan / 7. Derek Lam / 8. SALT Optics "Steph" / 9. Eye Buy Direct "Providence" / 10. Chloe

Buying new frames and figuring out where to look for the best styles, color choices, prices, etc. can be overwhelming and intimidating. There are so many choices out there and if you're buying online, it can be hard to know which frames you'll really love once you actually have them on your face (Warby Parker's Home Try On is great for that reason). And then of course there's the question of whether to splurge or save on your frames, and there are pros and cons to taking both roads. I love investing in really quality frames every couple of years that I either just absolutely love, or are a classic enough style and color that I know I'll get a lot of wear out of them. And unfortunately it is true that sometimes price point can determine the quality of the frames you're buying. But there's also something to be said for the idea that if you spend less on frames, you won't feel as bad when you lose them or break them, or that you'll be able to buy more frames that may be a little bit more bold and rotate between them more often, giving you more variety. I sort of waffle between the two approaches, and I definitely love snagging some funkdafied frames once in a while!

I also thought I'd pass on my five favorite online spectacles shops that offer a pretty wide range of quality frames, styles and prices. These are just my perosonal go-tos, but let me know in the comments section below if you've found an online specs purveyor that you love - we're always looking for more to try out!

1. Coastal

2. Warby Parker

3. Eye Buy Direct

4. Frameri

5. Steven Alan