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The Tuesday 10: Outdoor Clothing Favorites

The Tuesday 10: Outdoor Clothing Favorites


The Tuesday 10 list is taking yet another fun turn today and tackling a subject we basically couldn't love more - outdoor clothing essentials! As you guys know we absolutely love getting outside (and out of the city) whenever we can, and as a couple of outdoor activity, sports and adventure loving people, we pretty much live in comfortable, functional outdoor clothing when we're not working. So we've tried and tested a lot of it! And because we're escaping the heat for cooler temps just about every weekend right now, we thought that it was the perfect time to share our 10 outdoor clothing essentials, 5 for the ladies and 5 for the guys, that we love and couldn't live without in our arsenal in hopes that it not only inspires you guys to get out there and find a little adventure, but that it will outfit you with only the most awesome outdoor duds that you'll have and use for years!

I basically lived my entire youth in Michigan in an extreme state of casual, both out of necessity and just because there weren't exactly a plethora of shopping hotspots where I grew up, but what we did have were a few awesome outdoor outfitters that always carried some pretty sweet outdoor attire. And though my style has evolved from what one high school classmate once called "sweatshirt chic" to something slightly more polished, I still have those comfy, casual outdoor favorites that I'll never let go. Never!

We got the chance to escape to a perfectly rainy day in Flagstaff and Sedona/Oak Creek last weekend for a little fly fishing and hiking and it was pure magic. We're not in any way expert fly fishermen and I'm actually laughably bad (Chris is more skilled), but if we learned anything from our friends at Boyne Outfitters this year on our fly fishing excursion it's that simply getting out there and enjoying the process in the elements is not only what it's all about, but is also the very best of life's pleasures. The rain was a welcome departure from the dry heat at home in Phoenix and the temps ranged from 58 to 80 degrees throughout the day so... heaven! 

I'm wearing this super soft cropped chevron sweatshirt that I picked up the other day and absolutely love, though it's not included in my list below. And yes, it rained all over us so I'm lookin' slightly like a wet dog in today's post and loving every second of it! 

Women's Outdoor Clothing Favorites

1. Patagonia Barely Baggies

Patagonia has been making and selling their Baggies for decades, and that's because they're 100% awesome. They're lightweight, water repellant, have a comfy elastic waistband, a handy key loop and pockets, so I pretty much wear them everywhere possible, including around town in the hot Arizona summers, at the lake, at the gym, etc. I like the Barely Baggies because they're slightly shorter than the classic, longer version, but to each their own.  I also feel like I have to say that I love these The North Face Class V shorts almost as much as the Baggies for basically all the same reasons. 

2. Hunter Back Adjustable Rain Boots

You guys are probably getting sick of seeing these here on the blog, but I just can't live without them. Wellies/rain boots have become trendy in recent years, but the reason I've had these in my house and wardrobe for what feels like a lifetime is because they're comfortable and insanely practical when you want your feet to stay dry when you're out in the mud or water. I can stomp my way through just about anything - rivers, snow, mud pits - and come out on the other side completely dry, which means I don't have to skip out on any outdoor fun that may arise! I prefer the adjustable back style because they give me more room so I can wear whatever kind of pants I need to and fit them in with ease. 

3. Patagonia Better Sweater

It feels like we've put this in just about every gift guide we've ever done, but we're not afraid to repeat ourselves when something's this good. If you're not familiar with the Patagonia Better Sweater, you're missing out because it's one of the best lightweight, casual fleece jacket options on the planet. It's perfect for chilly days and nights when you're out in the elements or even just bumming around the house. I don't think I've ever gotten more use out of a single item in my wardrobe. I prefer the 1/4 zip, but I know a lot of people that have the full-zip version and love it.

4. A Baseball Cap & Panama Hat

Ok ok this is a two-for-one, but they're in the same category. Because of my fair skin, I always always always have to have my face covered when I'm hanging out outside. I've always opted for a super comfortable baseball cap in versatile color combos like this one, this one and this one (Patagonia makes the most comfy low profile caps for us ladies) because they're easy to travel with and low maintenance when you're out in the elements, but I also love having a great Panama hat in my collection and have been loving this one I scored at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (I have a size small) this year and am wearing here.

5. Stutterheim Stockholm Raincoat

Yes, there's a theme here. I love the rain! I love it so much, that any chance I have to actually be outside in the rain, I'll take it. But that means that I need to be prepared, which is why I swear by my Stutterheim raincoat. Yes, it's a little bit of an investment if you're buying one full price and normally I wouldn't advocate throwing down that much cash on something like a raincoat, but these things last a lifetime so you'll only buy one once and what's more, you'll love how functional it is. That Swedish engineering! They are surprisingly heavy, though so not exactly a warm weather raincoat. Also, you can find them on sale all over the interwebs, like this one that I absolutely love, this one and the one I already listed! Side note: I also love these super similar (although lined) Pendleton raincoats. The lining gets me every time!

Men's Outdoor Clothing Favorites

1. Patagonia Better Sweater

Mar already gave you the rundown on this, and I just have to echo everything she says. This is my absolute favorite jacket of all time and I bring it with me pretty much everywhere I go - it's the perfect layer for any activity I partake in and super easy to pack. Also, Mar's dad tried to steal this from me once, so I know it's awesome. I like the classic, full zip version, but the 1/4 zip is really nice, too and they're making a new slim fit version now which is a nice option.

2. Moosejaw T-Shirts

Mar introduced me to Michigan outdoor brand Moosejaw when we first met and I have to admit, I'm hooked. One of the things I really love that they make are their t-shirts - they're insanely comfortable and have some of the coolest designs. This super-soft one (though I can't say I wear it as tight as the gentleman in their photos does) is my favorite and I really like this one, this one and this one, too.

3. Patagonia All-Wear Hybrid Shorts

Mar loves her Patagonia Baggies, and I'm pretty sure I love these Patagonia shorts just as much. They're so versatile it's crazy - swimming, hiking, biking, rolling around town, working in the yard, whatever! They're super comfortable, the perfect length, have pockets, dry quickly, wash and wear well and pack easily. I couldn't ask for more in an outdoor short, which isn't surprising because Patagonia has always made superior products like these. I need about 5 more colors and I'm set.

4. The North Face Fanorak Windbreaker

I just picked this gem up when we were in Denver (clearly I love it since it was also in last week's post) mostly because I liked the color combo never thinking I would get so much use out of it so soon here in the summer, but I've already worn this thing about 20 times in a month. Another versatile lightweight jacket that also happens to keep me dry and fold up into a fanny pack (if you're into that), I can pack this anywhere I go and it takes up minimal space. Also really digging this color combo. Absolutely can't live without it now.

5. Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Ok I broke the rules. This isn't exactly clothing and falls more into the "gear" category which would be an entirely different list and post altogether, but it's an essential for me. Maryal always laughs at me for being so obsessive about bringing this huge bottle with us whenever we head out on an adventure, and then thanks me profusely for the cold, refreshing water when we're out there. Typical. But Hydro Flask is the best of the best and it's astonishing how long it keeps my water cold. 

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