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Love + Vintage: Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market

Love + Vintage: Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market

Him: GlassesShoes, Shorts (Old, Similar)

Her: GlassesJumperShoesBag

What else would 100 different vintage vendors do on a Saturday at 5am besides take over West World, one of Scottsdale's largest event spaces, with a super awesome marketplace for old treasures. Maryal had been to Junk in the Trunk a few years ago, but her memories described a small dusty marketplace, outside on a hundred degree day, with a select few local vintage and Etsy vendors making a name for themselves. There are actually two items that Maryal bought that day a few years ago, that she still has in the house and absolutely cherishes. Nevertheless, when she mentioned making a sojourn to Westworld for the event this year, I, being a Junk in the Trunk novice, was skeptical about the how much fun we could really have navigating a warehouse-sized event that seemed like it had "girls only" written all over it. Oh how wrong I was!

Maryal's best friend from home (in Michigan) was visiting for the weekend, and the girls were absolutely pumped at the idea of going to the event. They spent half the weekend talking home decor, crafting and DIY projects, so their level of excitement was completely appropriate. Of course, I wasn't about to miss a chance to spend the day hanging out with two of my favorite ladies, so I threw caution to the wind, said what the heck, and told them I'd tag along... ya know... for moral support and to hold heavy stuff and whatnot. Little did I know I'd be taking home the biggest haul of the three of us!

When we got there, all three of us were so surprised to see a huge space filled with hundreds of smiling faces, some of the coolest vintage and locally-crafted gems we'd ever seen, and people of all ages buzzing around the aisles. Stuff was selling so fast, you really had to get your game face on if you had your eye on something!

tools with style:

The things that I could not say no to were a mix of small buys that pulled together a vibe that I want for my dresser. A rusty turquoise tool box for glasses, watches and electronics. Some cool vintage bar tools that I purchased from a really vintage guy. The coolest part about them is the partially painted handles that are flaking away. They're mostly crafted with wood and almost all of them, in one place or another, have some weathered and rusted metal accents. What I did with them? I treat them like I would at the the bar, and stand them in an old, sea glass Atlas mason jar. I want to expand on the idea and add a few more pieces - I mean it really gives a room with a lot of feminine overtones a little more grit and some fun lines. 

Bullet Necklace:

Maryal was on the hunt for some jewelry. She was bound to find some cool, recycled gems tucked away somewhere in the market - this place had a booth for everything imaginable. After taking 57 pictures and getting lost a handful of times in the maze, she found herself in a booth tiered with racks of custom, handmade jewelry by Adrian Schwab of Mallory Square Studios. She scored the most stylish and creative necklace! It's made of a hollowed out bullet shell, fearsome turquoise spike, and some color coded pink and purple tassels. It screamed Maryal! She had a cool conversation with Adrian and may have to call her and order another handmade piece of wearable art. 

Maryal and I had such an amazing time at Junk in the Trunk and felt so inspired by all of the vendors we met. I can't imagine a better place to feed creativity than there, and even though we're both so bummed that it only comes around once a year, we know that it's definitely worth the wait!

PS - In the pics, we were sippin' on some Mama's Cold Brew and man, is that stuff delicious! Must. Have. More.

Him: Glasses, Shoes, Shorts (Old, Similar)

Her: Glasses, Jumper, Shoes, Bag

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