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Our Favorite Simple Fall Cottage Decor

Our Favorite Simple Fall Cottage Decor

Fall is HEEERE! Ok well not officially, but the season everyone just can’t stop loving has arrived in everyone’s hearts, hasn’t it? It’s still about 1000 degrees here in good old Phoenix with just about a 0% chance of fall in the forecast, but hey, when fall hasn’t showed up outside yet, we make it happen inside, right? Right. 

You guys know that our approach to seasonal home decor is a little bit more minimalistic because I have a serious aversion to clutter than I just can’t shake, but even so there are so many simple, subtle ways to update your home decor for fall and make the home you love feel warm and snuggly and cozy-cottage-perfect all over that don’t require a pumpkin-splosion... though that does sound pretty fun now that I’ve said it! 

So if you, like me, love to be really intentional when you’re curating the seasonal decor you’re bringing into your home and want it to sort of blend right in with the rest of your permanent home decor, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite simple, mellow, cottage-inspired fall home decor finds from around the web below! 

Fall Cottage Decor Pro Tip:

One of the ways I can keep our fall cottage decor super simple while still providing all of the fall feels and hygge we can handle is by bringing in cozy fall candles that instantly fill the house with that autumn goodness. Scents can go such a long way in transitioning the vibe inside your home when the seasons change without adding the extra clutter! In recent years my very favorite fall candles have been these candles from Anthropologie that smell like spiced fall heaven, the Harvest candle from Hearth & Hand with Magnolia that smells so cozy and yummy, and an old standby, the Capri Blue pumpkin candle that’s so sweet and not at all overpowering. I’m also loving these super cool “autumn lodge” scented wooden bowl candles from Pottery Barn because once you burn then to the end, you can keep these awesome bowls and use them as decor or serving vessels!

And if you’re not into spending tons of money on candles (totally legitimate - not always exactly high on the list of financial priorities), then you should check out our awesome DIY Fall Scent Pots, which is an easy DIY project that adds instant coziness and fall delight into your home without breaking the bank. It also happens to be one of our most popular DIY projects of all time here on the blog, so you know it’s good.

Fall Cottage Decor Top Picks featured by top US lifestyle blog, Love + Specs

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom

Felt Pumpkin | Wood Scented Candle | Jute Doormat (also love this cute fall doormat) | Pumpkin Candle | Woven Cement Planters (love the idea of planting fall/winter greenery here & using to decorate your porch!)| Preserved Wheat Bundle | Pumpkin-Scented Candle | Windowpane Tablecloth | Brass Fruit (there’s also an apple version & they’d be adorable together) | Windowpane Napkin (love the navy version, too)| Gourd Salt & Pepper Shakers (these are just too cute - had to!) | Striped Soft Blanket | Wood Leaf Serving Platter | Woodland Trees Art | Faux Apple Branch (would be so cute in a clear glass vase) | Cinnamon Apple Bourbon Candle | Birch Log Tea Light Holder (the easiest, coziest fall table centerpiece) | Faux Rose Hips Wreath

If you’re looking for even more fall decor inspo, check out some of our most popular fall home decor posts from last year to keep the cozy fall inspiration flowing!

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The Best (Scented) Fall Candles

What about you? Have you found some awesome simple fall home decor pieces that you’re super excited about this season? Let me know in a comment below - I love seeing how you guys decorate for the seasons and keep the cottage cozy goodness going with each transition!

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