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10 Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas Under $100

10 Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas Under $100

One of our very favorite things to do here on the blog is put together awesome, slightly last-minute holiday gift guides because we love you, and because calming your holiday anxiety and making you look like the world's most put-together, prepared, thoughtful gift-giver ever despite the fact that you're a hot mess behind closed doors is our passion in life. We kid, we kid. You're perfect!

But if we just made your brow bead with sweat because you realized that all this gift guide talk must mean that there's an important holiday on the horizon, but you don't know what that holiday is, you're not alone. And we're here for you. Yes, there's a holiday on the horizon... as in this Sunday... and that holiday is Mother's Day. Luckily, there's no reason to panic because today, in place of our usual Tuesday 10 post where we round up 10 awesome things we loved this last week, we're rounding up 10 totally awesome, unique, last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas for that oh-so-special mom in your life that are all under $100. All 10 things if ordered ASAP (check each item and site's shipping info for cutoff times) will make it to mom on or before Sunday and all 10 things are 100% guaranteed to wow. Boom!

Side note: If Hamlet asks any of you for gift ideas for me, just point him to our handy dandy Shop page for all the ideas he could need. Tell him to feel free to break that $100 limit.


1. The Pottery Barn Resort Hotel Piped Trim Robe

I love robes. I wear one every morning when I get out of the shower and do my hair and makeup, or just to cozy up on a Saturday morning on the couch with a cup of coffee, and I'm of the mind that every woman needs to be gifted a beautiful, super comfy robe at some point in her life. So whenever anyone asks me what my absolute favorite robe is, I'm always quick to tell them about the Pottery Barn Hotel Piped Trim Robe. It's insanely comfortable, super luxurious, classic, fits really well (and true to size) and is durable enough to withstand regular washes in the washing machine. Mom approved! Not into the Pottery Barn variety or looking for something slightly less expensive? I've had my eye on this pretty, striped, comfy-cozy Hearth & Hand by Magnolia robe at Target - I've seen and felt it in the store and it's really good.

2. The Wonderboom Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

We can't overstate how much we love the Wonderboom bluetooth speaker (we've mentioned it before on the blog here) and its superior sound quality in its portable, waterproof package - it's incredible. After using and loving the Wonderboom in our home so much, we're ready to gift this tiny speaker to anyone and everyone that we can because it's just that useful and lifestyle-elevating (is that a thing?). It's a bluetooth, waterproof, lightweight, portable, tiny sound-quality wonder and bonus -- it floats so summer fun awaits! This is the perfect gift for any mom that loves to listen to music, podcasts, audio books, etc. in her home, in the backyard, lounging pool or lakeside, etc. 

3. The BloomThat x Terrain Mother's Day Fresh Cut Bouquet

Boring floral arrangements are for the birds. Thinking about gifting flowers this Mother's Day? Do it! But make this year's bouquet more memorable than ever before by gifting the mom in your life the BloomThat Mother's Day Fresh Cut Bouquet from Terrain! The bouquet features uncommon, responsibly grown blooms like ranunculus, lisianthus, hellebore, roses, and Cymbidium orchids in a natural arrangement from unique, fresh flower purveyor BloomThat that blows the everyday floral arrangement out of the water. Note: Orders must be placed by 11AM EST on 5/10 for delivery by Mother's Day. I also love BoomThat's other cool gifts like their Sugar Rush Crate, their Rejuvinate Crate and their awesome Tequila Set. For more unique bouquets of gorgeous blooms that will arrive on time, we love The Bouqs Co. and Farm Girl Flowers, too!

4. The Kocostar Body Therapy Kit

If the Kocostar or the Body Therapy Kit seems vaguely familiar, that's because we've mentioned some of the amazing Korean beauty products included before on the blog here. I would never gift a beauty product to anyone unless said beauty product were a total revelation and gave them actual spa-level results at home, and this stuff definitely fits that description! I tried and fell in love with the Foot Therapy after it totally renewed and restored my feet to a baby-soft state, and this kit includes that plus their amazing Hair Therapy, Nail Therapy and Split End Therapy. I can't think of a mom in my life that wouldn't love this!

5. Elevated Sweet Treats from Williams-Sonoma

Sure, you could send the mom in your life a random box of slightly lame cupcakes or a tin of lackluster cookies from Amazon, but why do something that underwhelming when you could be sending her any of the beautiful and delicious sweet treat options from Williams-Sonoma? We're loving these adorably decorated floral and heart-shaped sugar cookies, or this scrumptious tin of too-cute floral sugar cookies and yummy brownies, the oh-so-fun Maggie Louise Mother's Day Chocolate Box, and this super cute assortment of Georgetown Cupcake mini cupcakes that come in a pretty heart box.

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6. Slip Silk Eye Mask & Silk Pillowcase

Everyone in the beauty world has preaching the skin and hair preservation benefits of silk eye masks and pillowcases for a minute, and the obsessions only seems to be growing. Basically, if the mom in your life doesn't have either one of these little luxuries by now, they need one. Apparently silk eye masks and pillowcases help preserve your perfect blowout and help prevent kinks while you sleep, and keep your skin soft while also preventing fine lines from forming. Also, the cute Slip silk eye masks and Slip silk pillowcases come in a bunch of cute colors to choose from and are pretty much the gold standard of silk sleep buddies.

7. Cuter than Cute Spring & Summer Sneakers

The ladies in my family have somehow gotten into the habit of gifting each other cute sneakers that speak to who the person is, the things they love or their personal style, and I seriously love it. For game days, summer travels, casual work wear or weekend adventures, a fun pair of cute and comfy sneakers is always a good idea for the lady in your life, but you can multiply that 1,000 when talking about the mom in your life! I know so many moms whose go-to everyday shoe is a great pair of sneakers because hello, comfort is key when you're chasing around 3 kids or pulling triple duty as cook, cleaning lady and referee. And picking out the perfect pair that says, "These are so you" is just so much fun. I'm obsessed with these Keds x Rifle Paper Co. floral perfections (also available here), these printed chambray cuties (also available here), these adorable lemon-print Supergas, these perfectly pink and pastel versions, these pink gingham Tretorns, these tan neutral leather beauties (also love this similar style), these summer-ready blue striped Jack Purcells and these pretty pink leather one-stars.  

8. Sweet Scents

Scents are specific. Personal. Hard to find. Tough to gift. But not only do we absolutely love the challenge of finding the most amazingly delicious scents that put a smile on anyone and everyone's face when they spritz them on, scents are another one of life's little luxuries, so giving one as a gift is kind of perfect. When was the last time the mom you know and love took a little time out to find and buy herself a great scent that just made her feel good? Exactly! There are three light, fresh, sweet, simple and all around heavenly scents that I swear by that just so happen to be perfect for spring and summer, too and they're by Rosie Jane's "Tilly" (available in roller ball form here), Illume's "Coconut Milk Mango" and Laura Mercier's "Ambre Vanille". Scoop one up for yourself while you're at it!

9. An All-Purpose Woven Tote

One of the things that I firmly believe every woman needs this spring and summer is a great woven tote that can carry just about anything, from groceries to flowers to beach towels to everyday items like a wallet, keys, makeup pouch, kid clutter and more! Sure, they're kind of the accessory du jour of the last couple of spring and summer seasons, but a woven, straw tote will always be classic, timeless and versatile, in my eyes. I especially love this one, this one, this one and this one.

10. Matching Engraved Rolling Pins for Mom & Her Littles

This one's a somewhat rogue addition to the list, but I couldn't get these cuter than cute engraved rolling pins out of my head once I came across them! These adorable wood rolling pins are engraved with the most fun patterns like hearts, daisies, puppy paws and more and elevate any baking project with minimal effort. Which is basically my life's mission — elevate and impress with minimal effort. What's more is that they make matching rolling pins for the tiny baker, so mom and her little loves can make kitchen mess perfection together! But really this is the perfect gift for the mom of any age or stage in life, even if it just serves as cute kitchen decor. 

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