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Awesome Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Awesome Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Photos: Ashley Slater Photography

You guys. Mother's Day is on Sunday. Yes, this Sunday, and if that statement just gave you the panic sweats and you're now running to the 1-800-flowers (is that still a thing or no?) site as I type this and pulling out your credit card faster than you can say, "Worst kid ever" just know that you're not alone and not only that, but your girl Mar Mar is here to help.

You all know how much I love Amazon Prime. My philosophy these days has been, "If it doesn't Prime, it ain't worth my time." I know it's a little bit of a lazy philosophy, but you know you're on board that train too! Prime is life, and no Amazon doesn't pay me to say that. They get my love for free because it's just that good. But I digress - back to Mother's Day. In the event that you have yet to seal the deal on some epic, can't-fail, knock-it-out-of-the-park Mother's Day gifts for your mom, mom-in-law, grandma and those other moms in your life that you love, this list of 10 killer Mother's Day gifts (and some bonus ideas) that are all Amazon Prime-able is here to save the day and keep you from becoming a stain on the family tree.

After some pretty hilarious conversations with friends and family this week, it occurred to me that there are a lot of people that find themselves in this situation today, the Thursday before the Sunday that is Mother's Day, and I thought that the most awesome thing I could do for you is guide you toward the Mother's Day promise land. And again, all of these Mom's Day gifts are available on Amazon Prime (meaning they'll arrive the next day, to those of you living under a rock) to help ease the pain of your utter failure, and turn that epic fail into a win. I kid, I kid. You're all awesome. I'm just here to make you that much more awesome by gifting you this awesome gift guide. So sit back, relax, grab a stiff cocktail and enjoy the forthcoming favoritism that shall be bestowed upon you. Cheers!

1. Laura Mercier

As a general rule, any and all Laura Mercier is a win when given to a mom. Everyone loves yummy-smelling Laura Mercier items. Everyone. And if they don't... ugh.

Sweet Temptations Almond Coconut Milk Luxe Body Collection

2. Flowers

Didn't know you could Amazon Prime an awesome flower arrangement, did you? Well you can. You're welcome.

Stargazer Lily Bouquet

White Lily Bouquet

12 Fresh Cut Pink Roses

Pink Tulips

3. La Mer

If you don't know what La Mer is, I'm here to teach you a really valuable lesson. And that is, that every woman loves La Mer. Even if she's never been blessed enough to experience the amazingness of La Mer, she still loves it. You can never, ever go wrong with the gift of La Mer.

The Tonic

4. Le Creuset

There aren't many moms that would be mad about receiving a Le Creuset kitchen item. It's slightly pricey so it's just not something that many people buy themselves on the regular, making it the perfect gift. And everyone needs a cast iron skillet, so this is a great piece to gift. I love the pink, but that's just me. Think about the colors in your mom's kitchen and coordinate accordingly. We also have this Le Creuset French Press and we love it. Just saying.

9-inch Cast Iron Skillet

French Press

5. Capri Blue Candle

Ok ok I know, it's a candle. BUT it's lovely. Pure lovely. If you've ever been inside an Anthropologie store there's a chance you already love or hate Capri Blue's "Volcano" scent, and I strongly hope it's "love". My father-in-law can't stand the scent, but he's a dude so I give him a pass on that one. I don't even know how to properly describe the scent except to say that it's "heavenly" and your mom deserves an expensive "heavenly" candle, doesn't she?

White 20 Oz Volcano Jar

Navy 20 Oz Volcano Jar

6. Rifle Paper Co

Rifle Paper Co. has quickly become every cool girl's favorite paperie, and for good reason. The retro-inspired designs are gorgeous and so much fun, and the color combos are always punchy and absolutely stunning.

Recipe Box - Herb Garden

Botanicals Notebook Collection

Vintage Blossoms Notebook Set

7. EmerginC

I discovered EmerginC when staying at the Oprah-loved wellness resort and spa Miraval in Tucson and have been passing this gem of a brand and their magic potions on ever since. This stuff is the real deal, and they make creams and serums for just about any skin issue that produce results basically overnight. No joke. Trust me, your mom will love you for introducing her to this brand.

d-Red Nighttime Strengthening Balm

Vitamin C + Retinol Mask

Hyper Vitalizer Face Cream

8. Portable Photo Printer

If your mom is like my mom, she likes the pics. But not the way you and I like the pics by double tapping and thumbs-upping. She likes the pics in the way that she has to have physical copies of said pics to be able to show my grandma, household visitors, the mail man, the garbage dude, etc. And not only that, but she has to find a way to get those 175 pics of her grandchildren off of her phone and to a printer. This will help make that process easier... and her less likely to call you 10 times about how to do it.

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

9. Clarisonic

If your mom doesn't have a Clarisonic, this is a genius gift. Every woman needs a Clarisonic. Whether it's the dermatologist or an aesthetician, almost every single skincare professional I've asked says that this, my friends, is the secret to perfect skin.

Clarisonic Mia Facial Cleansing Brush System

10. Key/Anything Finder

I feel like I don't even need to explain why this is a really creative and valuable gift for moms. I mean, it's not like moms lose/misplace stuff or anything...

Tile Mate Key/Anything Finder

Bonus Round:

Godiva Gift Basket

Heated Shiatsu Massager

Soludos Smoking Slippers

Garment Steamer

Au Lait Body Milk

Herbivore Hydrating Face Mist

At-Home Sous Vide Precision Cooker

DIY Painted Dresser

DIY Painted Dresser

Nautical Dreaming

Nautical Dreaming