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The Best of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018

The Best of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018

Ok guys, as you've no doubt heard from every style blogger, your mother, your OBGYN, your barista, your priest, your handyman, your Uber driver and just about everyone in between, Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access is officially here as of today, and this year we had mixed feelings about whether or not we needed to share our version of a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale guide with you guys. Mostly because we weren't sure you guys needed the guidance! But we asked how you felt about it on Instagram and much to our surprise, you said that you do, in fact, want to know what we're loving from the sale this year. Ask and you shall receive, friends!

**The sale opens up to the general public (those who don't have Nordstrom cards) on July 20th and the whole thing ends on August 5th.**

As it turns out, we're really glad that we took a deep dive into the initial offerings in the sale because we honestly feel like this year is slightly less awesome than previous years. Now don't get us wrong, there are plenty of deeply discounted new fall items to love in the mix, but we really had to wade through deep, mediocre waters to get to the gems. That's just our honest opinion. So this is our way of helping you guys get straight to the good stuff. Who loves you?! We do. We really do. Also remember that they release new items as the sale progresses, so there's sure to be more gems to come!

This year because our list of items we love is more distilled than last year, we decided to break it up into Women's Clothing, Women's Accessories/Shoes/Beauty, Men's Clothing, Men's Accessories/Shoes/Grooming and Home. The sale stuff in the Home category was also a little less exciting than it was last year, in my opinion (with a lot of repeats from last year actually), but there are still some items in there that I really love and am so excited to scoop up while they're on sale!

So without further ado, here's what we're loving from each category and some overall thoughts about what we saw. Don't forget, the good stuff sells out really quickly, so if you can't stop thinking about something you see, our advice is to pull the trigger ASAP so it doesn't haunt you all Fall and Winter long. Happy shopping, friends!


Some thoughts...

I'm really liking the cool and classic Pendelton coats included this year, raincoats or otherwise, like this, this, this and this. And other cool coats that you know you'll need, but that won't be this discounted again until spring like this one, this one and this one.

I definitely bought a few of those little staples that I love and always need like Hanky Panky undies and Stance socks.

Great jeans - every year I buy one pair that I feel really good in that I'll wear all year and that won't be discounted this much again.

There were a few fall dresses I loved in the mix like this one, this one and this one.

And some really cute sweaters and blazers like this one, this one and this one.

There are always a ton of suit separates in there for guys, but Chris finds it hard to order suiting items online because it’s really hard to get the fit. Lots of returns/exchanges if he orders online.

But there are some really great men's pant and denim finds in the mix like these, these and these.

And as always, the men's jacket selection is awesome because they also include really good staples that again, won't be this inexpensive until next spring. Chris likes this one, this one and this one.

I also think that the initial offerings from the men's shoe selection is so much stronger than the women's. Chris is really liking these boots, these leather sneakers and these leather sneakers.

They've featured an abundance of awesome Dash & Albert rugs (my absolute favorite rugs on the planet) over the last couple of years and there are some beautiful ones in there again this year, including this one and this one. Never a bad purchase and amazing to get them on sale. 

Women's Clothing

Women's Accessories, Shoes & Beauty 

Men's Clothing

Men's Shoes, Grooming & Accessories


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