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The Gal Meets Glam Collection of Dresses is Here & We're Loving It!

The Gal Meets Glam Collection of Dresses is Here & We're Loving It!

The Gal Meets Glam Collection of dresses, created by popular style blogger Julia Engel, launches today & if you’re one of beloved blogger’s millions of loyal followers, this is the day you’ve been waiting for since Julia announced this new dress endeavor a few months ago. I’m not even ashamed to say that I, like the masses, adore Julia’s effortlessly feminine, classic style and have been fangirling out with the best of them, excitedly waiting to see what gorgeous designs this collection has in store. But questions abounded leading up to the launch. Will only flawless, perfectly-proportioned model-types like Julia be able to wear them? Will it be affordable? Will it live up to our standards of her style or make us cry tears of disappointment? Will it have as many midi dresses as we hope? Well, friends, all of our lingering questions about this collection have finally be answered, and trust me when I say that the news is all good news. Very, very good news.

The Prices 

Some of our questions were actually answered yesterday when Julia posted an extensive Q&A on her blog that answered every single question her audience had been asking about the collection since its existence was announced. And in that Q&A she answered one of the biggest and probably most frequently asked questions of them all: How much will these dresses cost? Since Julia features a seriously wide range of price points on her blog, it was anyone’s guess. Will the price point make us die a little inside and have us nervously calculating how much Shake Shack we’ll have to give up so that we can afford just one of her creations? Nope! As you know, we’re all about affordable fashion that doesn’t sacrifice style around these parts - we like to call it affordable luxury - so we’re happy to report that the price points are totally doable and not at all terrifying at $128-$198. For dresses I like to think of that price range as the sweet spot. You know you’re going to get a quality garment & that it will probably be just as fashion-forward and fit just as well as a piece twice it’s price. That was actually the genesis of writing this little review! Once I saw the price point paired with the collection’s lookbook yesterday, I knew that this was right in our readers’ wheelhouse and that any affordable fashion lover out there who doesn’t know that this collection is happening needed to be alerted, ASAP! As far as shipping prices go, they offer free ground shipping for all US orders over $175.


The Dresses

Now let's get to the good stuff - the dresses! Oh, the dresses, people. Are they as good as fans of Julia's blog would hope? Do they live up to Julia’s style classic, effortlessly chic standards? Are the midi dresses the midi dresses of our dreams? Yes, yes and yes. In fact, they're better than all of that. Every single dress oozes Julia’s signature classic, feminine style and begs to be worn on a romantic getaway to Provence that ends with you twirling in a lavender field, eating baguette, sipping something sparkling and all of your dreams coming true. Wait, did I just dream that or is that from a GMG photo? Whatever. It's happening! Back to the dresses. True to her brand, there’s plenty of pink and floral-print to go around, lots of blue and white and sweet, romantic details in abundance like pearls, ruffles and bows. Lots and lots of bows! And yes, also true to her brand, midi dresses dominate the range as do twirl-ready a-line skirts. What I, and probably everyone else love so much about Julia’s dress obsession is that she typically wears any and every dress she owns casually, with pretty little flats or beautiful sandals, and makes them look easy, breezy, effortless and approachable. And thankfully for all of us, all of the dresses in the collection fit that profile. They’re all pretty perfect for any occasion and can be worn dressed up or dressed down, barefoot dancing in the grass or to your bestie's baby shower, so timing the launch right at the start of shower and wedding season is pure genius. And the styles are all very wearable and flattering for a wide range of body types, so no need to fret over whether you can rock one of these. There's something in there for everyone. Which leads me to another important question that will be on everyone’s mind about the dresses, especially if they're ordering online - sizing. In her Q&A yesterday she noted that she wears a size 0 in the collection. I’ve noticed over the years that when she talks about fit she usually says that she’s wearing a size 0, or an extra-small to small in tops and dresses. So it’s safe to say that if you’re wondering what size to snag when you’re ordering online, go with your standard size. If you’re usually a 4,  go with a 4, and so on. Below is the sizing chart from the GMG Collection website for reference.

The Gal Meets Glam Collection Sizing Chart from  Shop.GalMeetsGlam.com

The Gal Meets Glam Collection Sizing Chart from Shop.GalMeetsGlam.com

My Favorite Dresses From the Gal Meets Glam Collection April Collection

The Courtney in Blue/White

The Ardith in Blue/White

The Helen in Blush (Available exclusively at GMG Collection)

The Riley in Chambray

The Judith in White (Available exclusively at GMG Collection)

The Judith in Powder Pink (Available exclusively at GMG Collection)

The Emma in Lilac

The Carly in Blue/White

The Availability

Since Gal Meets Glam is one of the most popular style blogs on the planet and Julia is one of the most beloved style bloggers on the scene, it’s safe to say that these dresses won’t be hanging on the racks for months on end, begging to be sold. If they weren’t as good as they are, they’d probably still sell like hotcakes just because it's her, and the fact that they’re absolutely gorgeous and reasonably priced is just a recipe for these things selling out and doing so quickly. That said, the collection will be available on its dedicated website, Shop.GalMeetsGlam.com and online and in-stores at Nordstrom. That's right, Nordstrom lovers - you can score GMG dresses at your favorite retailer, which is awesome. Swipe swipe! But not every single dress in the collection will be available everywhere the collection is sold. The Gal Meets Glam collection website will carry some styles that are exclusive to it, and Nordstrom will carry styles that are exclusive to it. But many of the styles will be available in both places, which means more inventory of the styles to go around - yay! And for all of you international GMG fans, if you shop the collection on Shop.GalMeetsGlam.com, they will be shipping internationally to over 200 countries, so you won't be left out of the fun. Also important to note is that in the Q&A she said that they'll be releasing a new collection of dresses each month, so right now we're seeing April's collection of dresses and once that inventory is gone, they won't be restocking it. So make sure you grab your favorite styles the second you see that they're available, or you might miss out.

So that's the deal, dress lovers! Are you loving Gal Meets Glam Collection? Are you madly clicking away today or hitting your nearest Nordstrom to score your favorite style? If so, which style is your favorite so far? Is there anything you're dying to see in future month's collections? Tell me everything in the comments below! Happy dress shopping!

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