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Fun Holiday Home Decor You'll Love

Fun Holiday Home Decor You'll Love

Per our fun poll on Instagram Stories last week, it sounds like you guys are hoping for more home decor content from us, so more home decor content you shall have! If you follow basically any blog across these here interwebs, it has become very apparent that everyone is not only ready to celebrate the holidays (like, ASAP) but to also get you started on your holiday shopping as early as humanly possible by cranking out those gift guides for every type of human in your life. And don't get us wrong, we'll certainly be posting a few gift guides to help make your holiday shopping a little less painful, but we need a minute before we're ready to go ham on the holiday shopping.

And since we've barely had time to take down our Halloween decorations and are honestly slightly overwhelmed by all the “extra” going on out there about the holidays, we thought we'd start by inspiring you to not take this holiday madness too seriously and rounding up a bunch of the really fun and festive holiday decor items out there that, well, don't suck. Simple. Fun. Funny. Not sucky. That's what we want our holidays to be about around here, so look, linger, love and enjoy a fun taste of the holidays from the comfort of your couch before you head out and start to throw bows at Target.

That's right, friends, we're just here to make your holidays as bore-free as possible, and our way of starting that journey is to find really fun holiday decor that’s not just another tchotchke to make yourself feel like you gave the whole holiday decor thing the old college try. Holiday decor should be something that puts a smile on your face every time you see it, whether it’s a treasured piece passed down through generations in your family, or something totally kitschy and cool you found to start new traditions with the ones you love. So without further ado, we give you our guide to holiday home decor that’s NOT lame. Cheers! 

Side Note: Our three favorite places to find fun holiday decor? Terrain, Anthropologie and World Market


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1. Food Ornaments

I'm really into food ornaments this year. They just make me smile! My mom always has a tree in our kitchen at home during the holidays and it has all food ornaments on it, and they're adorable. I think this needs to be our tree theme going forward!

2. Pastel Wool Cone Tabletop Trees

How ridiculously fun and funky are these? There are so many tabletop holiday decor items out there to choose from, from shiny woodland animals to bottlebrush trees and beyond, but these are just such a creative way to tackle tabletop decor that I had to include them. It may be because they remind me of cotton candy, but that's cool with me!

3. Quilted Black X Tree Skirt

You guys know that we love black and white decor items, and the love is even stronger for white fabrics with small black accents like dots, X's or crosses. So obviously we fell in love with this farmhouse-funky x-embroiderd quilted skirt the moment we saw it. It's from the new Hearth & Hand by Magnolia line at Target, and it's such a sweet and simple way to have fun with your tree skirt!

4. Tassel Ornaments

If I had an entire tree of these green and red tassel ornaments, I'd be a happy girl. What a fun way to trim the tree! I love tassels on pretty much anything and everything, and although I've seen plenty a tassel hanging from trees during the holidays before, these adorably festive ornaments take it up about ten notches!

5. Stockings For All Types

I'm a firm believer that everyone, young and old needs a stocking during the holidays. It doesn't matter what's in them, it just matters that tiny treasures sit inside them (like gum, nail polish, travel shampoo... whatever!) and that the stocking reflects that person's personality or holds some sort of sentimental value. I love this adorable monogrammed knit stocking from Anthropologie with colorful dots for that super fun friend or family member. This awesomely retro chunky knit option from Terrain is perfect for the more traditional type in your life. And this simple black and cream option from Hearth & Hand by Magnolia is for those who like to keep it sweet, simple and sans color where their holiday home decor is concerned. Full disclosure, I can't decide which one I love most!

6. Velvet Ribbon

Velvet is everywhere this year, especially this winter, so get on board! Dressing up your garland, wreath and basically any other pine item you can with a velvet bow or two this holiday season is a great way make your decor look luxe without putting in too much effort. Pro tip: a little velvet bow also serves as the perfect napkin "ring". Boom!

7. Wood & Wool Tabletop Trees

Am I going overboard with the wool trees? Naaaahhh. Wool has always been a kitschy and cozy way to do holiday decor, and these little pine trees are perfect for the dinner table, an entry table, or just about anywhere you put them. The fun color palette is just right, too!

8. Skog Candle

Everyone needs more hygge in their life. And if you're not familiar with the concept of hygge, I highly recommend getting your hygge on by reading this book. The holidays are a tentpole of hygge, and this candle is the perfect way to get cozy and comfy this holiday season! This brand also makes an actual hygge candle, so there's that.

9. Advent Calendar

OK now this one's a classic, but it needs to be included. And I chose this adorable little wood advent calendar specifically because this, my friends, is exactly what an advent calendar should be. Those calendars that just count down to Christmas without a surprise hiding behind a little door for each day? NO! Absolutely not. If your "advent calendar" doesn't have little cubbies for a treat every day of the 24 day countdown to Christmas, it's just not OK. When I was a kid, I couldn't wait to eat my chocolate every night from the advent calendar. My feelings haven't changed. I think turning off all the lights at night right before bed, switching on the light on your advent calendar and ceremoniously opening that next door and finding what's inside helps you slow down, be present and really feel what the season is all about. So advent calendar = a must. 

10. Pink Felt Wreath

I love traditional gorgeous green wreaths as much as the next chick, but I have to say that adding a little funk and softness is just the ticket for me this year. And of course the ombre pink is just so clever and perfect on this beauty from West Elm.

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