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The Tuesday 10: Vol. 6

The Tuesday 10: Vol. 6

The Tuesday 10 is back in action this week with another list of awesome things you definitely need to know about right now! Summer's officially here, which means that it's hotter than a pepper sprout in Phoenix, so we did the sensible thing and slipped away to Denver last weekend and enjoyed every second of that perfect summer weather. Except for a little rain on Sunday, we seriously had the most perfect 80-degree, sunny days that begged for us to be outside so that's exactly what we did! Bikes, hikes, petting cute pups and so much more. We'll be sharing our no-fail, hit-the-highlights "24 Hours of Summer in Denver" travel guide on the blog soon, so stay tuned for that! You guys are going to love it.

OK back to the 10. If you're unfamiliar with our Tuesday 10 lists, this is where we list 10 things we loved in the last week and think that you guys need to know about. There are no rules to what makes the list, which is what makes the Tuesday 10 so darn fun for us. Just pure goodness. And without further ado, behold, The Tuesday 10: Volume 6!


1. IGTV is here, guys and if you don't know what it is (Instagram TV), we have a feeling we're all going to get reeeeally familiar with Instagram's new long form video platform really quickly. They're calling it "The YouTube Killer" and we're curious to know what you think of it. We can see entire scripted (unscripted, too of course) shows ending up on IGTV, much like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon and are actually really excited for a new video platform with new rules. If you're a creator and want to get caught up on the ins and outs of IGTV and all the parameters yo need to know, check out their Help Center here. Currently scheming some really fun video content on there for this here little blog!

2. A new salon concept called AZ Rootbar opened in our neighborhood here in Phoenix (Arcadia) and I'm absolutely living for it you guys! The concept is a lot like the nail salons we've all come to love so much. You can walk right in (or make an appointment if you want a sure thing), choose from a tiny root touch up, all-over color, or other versions of color touch-ups to suit your hair needs, and they'll match your color right then and there and get you in and out! You can add a blowout, too and it's all extremely affordable. I've seriously been waiting for this concept for what seems like my entire life. Bye bye to the long, drawn-out salon process and crazy prices that keep climbing every time you go for what seems like no reason. The space is super cute, the staff is so friendly and fun, the pricing is straightforward and most importantly, my color and blowout were exceptional!

3. Did you guys catch Kevin Costner's new scripted drama Yellowstone on Paramount Network last week? What did you think? Love it? Hate it? What I did love was the out-of-this-world cinematography. The imagery is exactly what I wanted to see from a show called "Yellowstone" and I was also loving Kevin Costner being full Kevin Costner on this show. He is this role. This role is him. I have other thoughts on other characters, storylines, etc. but hey, I'm not a critic so why go into detail about all that? ;)

4. If you haven't seen This Is Us star Mandy Moore's L.A. home tour on Architectural Digest, get thee to their site ASAP. I expected that her home would be super unique and amazing because I love her style in general, but it was even better than I'd imagined. There's also a video of the home tour, which makes it 10x better. How can you not love her?!

5. This article in Town & Country makes me so happy because this very topic has been a heated ongoing debate between my mom and I for years: To top sheet or not to top sheet. That is the question. I've always wanted to do away with top sheets because I just don't enjoy sleeping in them and don't think they lend to coziness, but my mom has long argued that it's just not proper to forgo a top sheet in your bedding setup because it isn't considerate of your guest's temperature needs. I need to know where you guys stand on this very important issue!

6. New cool Hearth & Hand by Magnolia office/home decor arrivals just hit Target and as always, I'm loving every single item. This retro fan needs to get in my house ASAP. Also loving this cage table lamp, this globe, and this cool wall shelf.

7. If you love Vogue's "73 Questions" series on YouTube as much as I do, then you'll love that they had two awesome new releases this last week that included a great "The Best of 73 Questions" compilation full of the most fun bits from all of your favorite celebs, artists and more, and a new 73 Questions episode with Gisele. Because... it's Gisele, people and you get a major look inside her and Tom Brady's beautiful Boston compound that's not to be missed.

8. Plant ladies unite! OK I'm not exactly a plant lady and have a pretty black thumb, but I absolutely love plant shops, so when I saw that Domino rounded up a list of the prettiest plant shops around the world, I was ecstatic. Add those to our travel dreams list!

9. One of my favorite DIY bloggers is Craftberry Bush because she does the most darling DIYs that I always drool over! She speaks my language, I tell ya. Her latest DIY, these super adorable painted lemon-print sneakers are so much fun, and her video tutorial totally made me feel like I could actually recreate these! I'm not an artist or painter in any way outside of painting furniture, so I need these step-by-steps to get me through.

10. In case you missed it last week, we posted the crazy before and after pics from our favorite DIY furniture flip that we've ever done! We've been loving cane chairs as of late, especially cane chairs with white wood frames and natural cane backs, so we gave a vintage cane back desk chair that we scored on OfferUp a little paint makeover and couldn't be more excited about the end result!

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